In bedroom

Harley was curled up on the bed wrapped in a blanket her face buried in a pillow " MISTAH-J YOU STUPID JERK!" she raged angrily tears spilling over.

"Who are you calling a STUPID JERK!" an icy voice said from the doorway but she didn't face him she was still sulking.

"What do you want aint ya busy working on another scheme?" Harley said sulkily.

"I was that was until you bounded into my office in that cute little red number" he chuckled deviously.

Harley blushed covering her face "Y...You mean it Puddin" She said shyly gazing at him but didn't get up.

The Joker smiled "I never lie about you Pumpkin Pie your too cute" He chuckled.

Harley sat up but still covered herself up nervously in case he was mad still mad at her "So..what did you want?" she said nervously.

The Joker frowned crossly "Harley why are you wearing that blanket?" he asked irritably.

Harley wriggled awkwardly "So I don't look like a slut or distracting" she said nervously.

The Joker almost died laughing "Oh Harley how are you in any way like a slut or a hooker?!".

Harley twiddled her fingers nervously "I dunno Puddin I just feel that way sometimes when you throw me about the way you do" she said quietly.

The Joker got onto the bed with her and pulled her into his embrace shocking her "Harley you daft thing as if I could compare you to those cock crazed whores you find on a street corner" he chuckled.

"You mean it Puddin!" she cried happily her eyes shining.

"BELIEVE me Harley I've seen those kind of women they're not even worth the money their paid however YOU my dear have way more class" he said tickling her chin.

Harley felt a little better but was taken aback when the Joker grabbed her blanket "P...Puddin what are you...?" she said nervously.

"Daddy wants to see your goodies Harley" He said deviously licking his lips and pulled it down revealing her slender figure much to his delight. He smirked mischievously admiring his prize "Harley baby you sure are amazing on the eyes".

Harley blushed placing her hands on her lap shyly. She had her natural make-up on with no black and white clown face make-up (for once) and her hair in the usual 2 bunches. Her cheeks were flushed red from embarrassment "Would you quit staring I feel so NAKED!" Harley cried wrapping her arms around herself.

The Joker got up and removed his bowtie and purple jacket throwing them onto the floor with ease then unbuttoned his shirt flashing his toned yet muscular chest. He slipped off his gloves with his teeth sending shivers down Harley's spine making her excited and he could tell.

"Puddin your so toned do you work out?" she said in awe unable to believe she had never noticed before.

"The Joker grinned "Thank the many years working for the Mafia it was always quite the workout I'll tell ya" he chuckled.

Feeling that it was unfair to allow him to do all the work Harley undid his button them pulled his zip down with his teeth until he was wearing nothing but his boxers.

The Joker was impressed "Harley how did you get so damn seductive?" He chuckled.

"Well I've seen all the cute young Physicians at Arkham look your way so I decided to take matters into my own hands" she said smiling mischievously.

The Joker chuckled "Remind me never to mess with you when your jealous".

Harley smiled "Got that right Puddin" she giggled.

She then pushed the Joker onto his back and pulled down his boxers and began to suck his penis like a lollypop. It was her own little treasure and it always tasted so damn good she just couldn't get enough.

"Damn Harley you really were eager weren't you?" The Joker moaned pleasantly enjoying her licks on the tip of his penis and her thorough sucking. Eventually he came into her mouth and she swallowed every drop obediently and licked her lips pleasing him greatly.

"My turn now Puddin" She giggled and sat herself above the Joker on her knee's a naughty twinkle in her eyes.

The Joker smirked he knew EXACTLY what she wanted so he swiftly pulled down her black lace panties and tossed them to the floor with ease "Jesus Harley you pussy is so gorgeous and I bet you masturbate a lot too right?" he chuckled.

Harley blushed "Well thinking about you naked and how handsome you are makes me excited Puddin" she said shyly her cheeks flushed red yet again.

"What can I say I'm a charming fellow" He chuckled and began fingering Harley's pussy deeply making her moan and become wet. He decided to have some fun with this "Harley I must say you're getting wet awfully fast were you having another naughty fantasy" he teased.

"N...No Mistah-J your fingers just feel so good" she panted lustfully her nipples getting hard and erect.

The Joker pulled out his fingers and licked them "My you taste good Harley your taste is beyond average its practically a delicacy" he chuckled.

"T...Thanks Puddin" Harley moaned enjoying her lovers touch and just when she thought about coming he stopped.

The Joker got up and Harley fell to his waist in shock and grabbed his around the neck and blushed "Ok Harls it's time to get serious" He chuckled.

Harley lowered herself onto the Joker's penis and then cried out lustfully as it entered inside her. It felt SOOO good inside her favourite item in the whole world; she began pounding up and down on it her arms around the Joker's neck.

"Like that Harley-girl?" He chuckled his eyes shining and his white teeth gleaming like knives.

"Oh Yes Mistah-J I love it soooo much" she moaned moving faster and faster.

"Jesus Harley...I...I'm gonna cum!" he yelled and squirted a load inside Harley's pussy to which she thanked Christ she was on the pill.

Afterward Harley collapsed onto her side panting like crazy worn out from their ordeal.

"Have fun Pumpkin?" The Joker cooed kissing her neck.

Harley smiled "Of course" she said kissing him back lovingly.