Chp 2 Harley Quinn tease

Harley entered the Joker's study obediently after he had called her earlier she was unsure of why because she hadn't bothered him all day. She had done the dishes, cleaned the hideout and even fed the hyena's so why would he ask for her. She knocked on his study door gently and awaited a response.

"Come in" The Joker said in a stern tone but he sounded calm so that meant he wasn't mad.

Harley came in feeling nervous "P...Puddin did I do something wrong? Coz if I did I'm real sorry" she said nervously.

The Joker stared at her for a second then burst out laughing "Harley you ninny! you aren't in trouble" he chuckled.

Harley blinked "Then what did you call me down for?" she asked confused.

The Joker flung a box at her which landed at her feet "Put this on and then come back once your done...Oh and take off your make up and remove your pigtails restyle it into a bun like you used to at Arkham" he said smirking.

Harley picked up the box "Um sure ok boss" she said and left to their bedroom to change.