After few min

Harley lay on the Joker's desk her hands bound above her head with a scarf and pinned down by a knife so she couldn't move making her helpless...just the way The Joker liked it.










"Now let's see how your pussy is Harley girl" he sniggered and pulled down her red lace panties despite her struggle to keep them on.

"NO MISTAH-J DON'T LOOK!" She begged animosity overwhelming her. She couldn't bear for her to see how slutty she was he would only tease her further.

"HOO WHEE HARLS!" The Joker whistled impressed at what he saw bending down to look at her crotch.

Harley felt her face burning she knew she was soaking wet she had felt it through her panties as he had been groping her breasts so much.

The Joker opened her pussy spreading it apart "Your soaking wet your juices are practically flowing out...I thought my trousers were getting wet" he teased his eyes shining deviously.

Harley looked away shamefully she would never live this down he would most likely talk about this with 2 face when he was gambling with him in the future.

The Joker stuck a finger in Harley's pussy to which she jolted and moaned louder "OH MY GOD!" she shrieked.

The Joker pulled out his finger "So wet I don't remember raising such a slutty Harlequin" he teased catching Harley's eye.

"Please...Please don't hate me...It's just coz you make me feel so good" she begged fearfully.

"That's what I like to hear" The Joker said patting her head pleased at her response then licked her juices from his finger his grin growing bigger.

Harley closed her eyes and took a deep breath "Fuck me" she said quietly.

"What did you say Harls?" The Joker said darkly his grin falling into a frown.

Harley clenched her bound fists "Please Puddin...FUCK ME!" she begged her body trembling.

The Joker grabbed her cheeks furiously his eyes filled with rage "NEVER give me orders you useless WHORE you understand?!" The Joker said darkly tightening his grip on her face.

"I...I'm sorry" she wept apologetically.

The Joker smiled "Good girl the more you learn the more obedient you'll be" he said patting her head.

Harley lifted her legs up and opened them wide resting them on the desk so her pussy was open wider giving him a better view but she really felt like a whore now.

"My, My aren't we getting bold" The Joker taunted his grin wide flashing his white teeth.

"Y...You like my slutty pussy Puddin?" she asked nervously.

"I love it Harley it's all swollen and pink begging me to fuck it" he chuckled gazing at her pussy from his chair.

"Then why don't you take it for a spin? Watching it must be boring" Harley said moving her waist up and down seductively.

The Joker finally caved in and got to his feet and grabbed her legs tightly rubbing his cock against her pussy to get lubrication from her pussy juices "You ready baby?" he teased his eyes gleaming.

"Oh yes please fuck me hard...make me sore all over" she pleaded desperately.

"As you wish my dear" The Joker smirked and shoved his erect dick into Harley's pussy.

Harley cried out loudly as his erect member penetrated her soaking wet pussy it felt so GOOD inside her she NEEDED this so bad.

"You like it?" he whispered in her ear.

"Uh huh" Harley moaned panting heavily.

"Well my dear Harlequin things are about to get even better" he teased and began to pound her pussy like crazy.

"Oh...Mistah J...yes...yes just like that...mm yeah!" she moaned loudly her body filled with pleasure.

"Harley...my god...your pussy is so fucking tight!" The Joker moaned pounding in and out of her.

"Yes I know...Thinking about your cock made me excited" Harley sighed.

The Joker was impressed he never knew his little Harley was such a dirty minx behind the mask. He liked it so he opened his drawer and pulled out a vibrating anal toy.

"That...that is!" Harley cried in shock.

"Yes my dear an anal toy" The Joker said grinning widely and slid the anal toy into her ass and turned it on making her yelp as it buzzed in her ass "You like it?" he chuckled.

"Oh yes it feels so good I like its buzzing feeling in my ass" she moaned.

Eventually The Joker could feel himself coming so he pounded faster and pulled the anal toy harder in and out of Harley's ass making her cry out loudly "H...Harley I'm...I'm gonna cum" he cried loudly.

"Me too Puddin...Me too!" she cried loudly. The pair shrieked loudly as they climaxed together.