The Joker untied Harley and sat down in his chair and lit a cigarette "Harley that was the best fucking sex we've had in months" he chuckled.

Harley turned onto her side and got up slowly and untied her hands then gazed at her Joker fondly. She loved him SO much she just hoped he knew that deep down.

The Joker saw Harley gazing at him and then looked at her outfit and chuckled "Man Harley look at you well that was a good spend I'll say" he chuckled.

Harley looked down and turned red covering her chest as she remembered what had happened "S...Sorry" she mumbled quietly. Her hair was slightly messy and was loose reaching her shoulders, her uniform was torn down the front so it would have to be thrown out, her bra was still unhooked so it needed fastening and her panties were on the floor.

"C'mere pooh" he said softly to which she sat on his lap.

Harley looked up and saw his gentle expression to which she climbed off the desk and sat on his knee and wrapped her arms around his neck.

The Joker put his arms around Harley stroking her hair and the other around her waist. She was so soft and warm filled with joy and happiness no matter what. He LOVED this woman in his own sadistic and crazy way but hey it was still love.

"I...I liked that Puddin" she said softly holding him tightly.

"Me too Harls" he said as he thought about how good she had felt. He looked at her make-up she was truly a beautiful woman even though she looked like her old self but it was that look that had seduced him in the first place.

"Harleen" he said firmly using the name he hadn't spoken in years.

Harley looked at him "Yeah?" she asked worriedly he only ever used this when he was serious.

The Joker smiled and tilted her head up "I love you baby don't ever change" he said and kissed her lovingly.