Happy Easter Puddin!

The Joker sat at his desk crossly he was bored shitless since there were no plans to KILL the annoying caped crusader that plagued his life. Batman was apparently away on vacation so he there was no point in pulling a heist if bat rat wasn't there to fight him with Boy blunder or the new bat brat.

He poured himself a drink of whisky crossly and lit a cigar to help calm his nerves with his back faced towards the door. He needed alone time right now since he was basically considering kidnapping a random person and just making them wait for death after torturing them then kill them "Stupid bats why can't he just do his job properly instead of doing what HE wants" he muttered crossly.

Suddenly there was a knock on his door and Harley came skipping in "Puddin your Harley's come to play!" she cooed in a teasing voice. She wanted to make him happy since she KNEW he had been feeling like shit recently ever since Batman had left Gotham.

The Joker groaned he appreciated some of the ways Harley tried to cheer him up but often it just made him feel WORSE "Pooh Daddy isn't in a good mood right now so please go play with the boys" he said irritably by which he meant fuck off and play with the Hyena's.

Harley pouted sadly "Ok Puddin I just wanted to cheer you up since it is EASTER and all" she said putting emphasis on the Easter part. She turned to leave her heels clacking on his polished wooden floor as she did so.

The Joker's ears pricked HEELS she was wearing HEELS which was always a good sign to being kinky "Harley..." he said in a smooth voice.

"Yes Mistah-J?" she asked curiously turning her head but not turning around.

"Come back to my desk NOW but don't say a word" he said firmly.

Harley did as she was told and walked up to his desk the sound of her heels turning him on hugely. She stood at the edge of his desk shakily worried what he might do to her but she stood tall and held her ground after all she had put LOADS of effort into making him happy.

"Did you want to surprise daddy because I couldn't help but NOTICE your wearing heels" he said in a pleased tone.

Harley smiled "Sure did Puddin coz I know how pissed you are about Batsy running off on another holiday" she said kindly.

"Harley" The Joker said in a touched tone. This was one of her sweet moments but only guessed she had dressed in a cute lingerie nightgown again.

"I KNOW you wanna see it Puddin but you'll have to turn around" she giggled playfully.

The Joker chuckled Harley could always read his mind when he tried to play the tease. He turned his chair and his mouth dropped and her outfit nearly made him drool.

Harley had untied her hair but curled it so it fell to her shoulder in golden ringlets. She was wearing greyish silver eye shadow and red lipstick. She was wearing a black bunny ear headband atop her head. Her outfit consisted of a Bunny girl leotard but was custom made obviously it was so tight around her thin waist that her boobs slightly squeezed out of her outfit. It was half black and half red and she had a black collar with silver spikes around her neck with matching bracelets. On her legs were black fishnet tights and one red and one black high heel stiletto on each foot.

Harley saw his look and smirked then placed one hand on her hip and the other behind her head "Like what you see Puddin?" she teased winking seductively.

The Joker stared at her for a good 15 minutes then snapped out of his trance and smirked his eyes shining wickedly and rested his chin upon his hands as he leaned his elbows against his desk "Oh baby do I you've REALLY outdone yourself this time Harls" he sniggered eyeing her up and down.

"I told you it would cheer you up you should listen to me more often Puddin" she said enjoying the attention. They didn't have to worry about interruption as Rocco, Cur and Blair were all outs after she ordered them to go to the bar.

The Joker gestured for her to approach with his index finger to which she walked over seductively swaying her hips from side to side making his grin appear from under his smirk.

Harley sat on the edge of his desk in front of him placing her hands behind him and crossing her legs smiling seductively. She was enjoying playing the tease for once after all he did it enough when they were in bed.

The Joker was slightly peeved that she didn't sit on his lap but he simply decided to eye her up further after all this outfit REALLY complimented her slender waist and busty chest. And those legs were they always so SLENDER?!

Harley kicked her legs gently "I can see you like the view Puddin" she giggled.

"I sure do sweets but Daddy wants to taste your goodies not just enjoy the view" he said in a flirty yet firm tone.

Harley leaned forward so The Joker could see her chest clearly then got to her feet and smirked when she saw his faint blush "Ooo that's a first Puddin your blushing" she teased and kissed his cheek.

The Joker couldn't take any more teasing he pulled her onto his lap roughly taking her by surprise so she wrapped her arms around his neck pressing her boobs against his muscular chest. He reached up to touch them but was slapped on the hand by Harley "What the hell Harls?" he grumbled shaking his hand.

"Naughty naughty you can't touch this bunny yet clown" she teased her eyes shining mischievously. She was in truth taking advantage of this situation since he left her hanging when they were having sex or midway in an intense seduction moment to do other things.

The Joker moaned pleasantly as she turned to straddle him and pressed her crotch against his erect member. He WANTED her so badly the whole outfit was driving his libido insane.

Harley smirked and pretended to be cross "Oh my such a dirty boy you've gotten hard already" she teased and kissed him seductively.

The Joker wanted to touch her but KNEW if he tried she would slap him again so he stayed put guessing she would give him permission when he could. This dominant side of Harley was very sexy but he wouldn't want this ALL the time it would get violent if she tried to take charge when it came to more serious matters.

Harley then started stroking his crotch with her left hand "Oh so big and hard...you want me to touch it?" she teased whispering in his ear.

"God yes" she moaned heavily loving her teasing attitude why couldn't she do THIS in the bedroom.

Harley smirked "Ok then" she giggled and got to her knee's and unzipped his pants to which his huge member sprung up and jolted a little "It's so big..." she said fondling the top making The Joker's head arch back. Harley smirked and kissed the tip "...And so hard" she teased.

"Your quite the TEASE Harls but Daddy REALLY wants to have some fun now" he said smirking but his voice almost sounded like a beg.

Harley kissed him seductively "Sure thing Puddin" she said and pulled her boobs out from her costume and began to give him tit-fuck.

"OH HARLEY...JESUS!" The Joker moaned as her soft breasts rubbed against his erect penis.

"You like that Puddin" she said kissing his tip again.

"It's fucking awesome...Harley where did you LEARN this shit?" he asked panting heavily.

Harley smirked "I practiced on Bats once as a cock tease" she giggled.

The Joker smirked "Smart girl I bet you ran off leaving him a boner right?" he sniggered.

Harley licked his tip thoroughly then smirked "Nope I teased him like this then made fun of him coz he LIKED it" she laughed wildly.

The Joker was impressed "Nice one Harley you kicked him in the ego" he smirked.

Harley was pleased at being complimented and praised so much but KNEW it wouldn't last until they were fucking again "I learned from the best" Harley smiled her blue eyes shining.

The Joker suddenly grabbed Harley's head so she could swallow his cum to which she did and licked her lips afterwards "Taste good pooh?" The Joker said stroking her blonde curls.

"You bet" she said smiling her blue eyes twinkling.

She got to her feet and lay on her desk and opened her legs seductively and opened her arms "Come on Puddin taste your little Harley" she teased winking at him.

The Joker got up and removed his waist jacket, bowtie and undid his shirt but left it on. He grabbed Harley's legs tightly and groped her chest roughly "These tits Harls...I just CAN'T get over how great they are" he said lewdly.

"It's like you always say Puddin anything that is nurtured under your care is bound to have GREAT potential" she said fondly smiling lovingly.

The Joker stopped toying her breasts and kissed her deeply nibbling her lip "You know me SO well Harley that's why I love you" he said kissing her neck. He then pulled the crotch area of her outfit to the side in case they used this outfit again and was impressed to see a hole in the crotch area of her tights "Nice one Harls you planned ahead".

"I KNOW you too well Puddin" She giggled.

"Here I come" The Joker said firmly and pushed his way inside her making Harley moan "Baby lets rock this place" he cooed smirking.