Chapter 4: Halloween Hell

The Joker was in a VERY good mood today after all it WAS Halloween a time of fear, Tricks and Treats. But not to mention screams, chaos and destruction he had a lot planned this year but he ALSO had Harley and was pretty sure she would do something special for him.

"Harley!" the Joker called firmly but not in an angry tone he was in one of his more agreeable tones today.

"Yes Mistah-J?" Harley cried as she ran in quickly a big smile on her face. She was just as excited as him Halloween was her fondest memory as a child but since she had a MAN in her life now she could be more creative.

"You know what TODAY is don't you Pooh?" he said smiling wickedly.

"I sure do Puddin today is October 31st or as we call it HALLOWEEN" She said a huge grin on her face.

"And today we are going to make Gotham celebrate…JOKER style" he said grinning widely with an evil twinkle in his eyes.

"Hooray! I will have to dress up real NICE for you today Puddin!" she squealed happily twirling about on her toes.

"That's my girl… he said gazing at her fondly. It was RARE to find a girl so DEVOTED to the Halloween season it made him happy.

"A-Okay Mistah-J I'll be ready soon you just get your toys ready!" she cooed and blew a kiss as she ran from the room excitedly.

In bedroom

Harley had washed off her usual clown make-up and removed her mask. Her Harlequin outfit was tossed over a chair with her headdress sitting on the cushion. She was going to clean herself up real nice for her Puddin tonight.

She grabbed her towel and ran into their bathroom quickly. Luckily their bedroom had an on suite bathroom so it would take a shorter period of time to get read "Mistah-J get ready coz your Harley is bringing out the BIG GUNS!" she giggled to herself.


The Joker was getting his weapons ready for the big night. His signature acid flower, his pistols, his razor sharp playing cards, his switchblade, laughing gas bombs and in the back of the car a missile gun that was filled with Joker venom and a bomb.

"This will be a night to remember" he chuckled his eyes gleaming at the thought of all those screams and cries as they perished under his steel fist.

15 minutes later

The Joker was loading the car with all their weapons and some bags and sacks for looting Jewels or money and maybe even both. Bud and Lou were coming as back-up in case Bat-rat, The Boy blunder and Bat brat showed up.

"Oh Puddin your Harley is done" she cooed flirtatiously from the doorway.

The Joker turned and his mouth dropped his heart nearly leapt out of his mouth and his libido was going insane. Harley REALLY had brought out the big guns tonight. Her outfit was way beyond his expectations in fact he barely recognized her but this was all thanks to his tender love and care that she had turned out so well.

She had her hammer over her shoulders and was holding it with her hands. For once her hair was tied back into a curly single ponytail instead of 2 bunches and was fastened with a reddish-black bow. She had a black hairband with 2 little silver metal horns on it brining out her naughty side. On her legs were a pair of black leather knee length high heeled boots and they hugged her legs so tightly. But of course the big masterpiece was her OUTFIT she had said she would dress her best for him and boy had she. The dress was a halter neck with a black front that ended at under her bust line with a V front that made her boobs bulge out a little. The skirt reached her upper thigh and was a deep royal red colour. She had a pair of red arm pieces to match that ended at her upper arms with a large frill at the end but was fastened with a small belt buckle at the top on each arm. Around her neck was a black leather collar with silver metallic spikes making her look badass. For make-up she had a little blush on her cheeks, black eye liner, reddish-black lipstick and black mascara even her nails were black.

She winked "Like my outfit Puddin?" she teased grinning widely. She had wanted to show him just how good she could look on Halloween.

"Harley…You looking AMAZING" he said walking towards her and touched her cheek gently. He wanted to APPRECIATE this outfit despite part of him wanting to throw her across her desk and pound her until she cried.

"I had it made ESPECIALLY for you Puddin" she said fondly her azure eyes twinkling.

The Joker walked to his car and opened slammed the boot shut "Come my sweet the night is OURS!"

Harley swung her hammer over her shoulder and whistled for Bud and Lou who leapt into the backseat cackling wildly "Good babies" she said rubbing their heads and then leapt into the front seat beside The Joker "Lets paint the town red Puddin" she said fondly.

"Yes ma'am" The Joker chuckled and revved the engine and sped off into the night.