Chapter 5

Puddin Literally!
The Joker walked towards the Funnibone warehouse wearily he had been through a lot. His car was being repaired to which they would be without it for at least a week, they were low on cash until his next heist and it was HIS ANNIVERSARY with Harley but he couldn't afford a gift coz he was broke.

"Curl? Rocco? Where the hell are you guys?!" he yelled angrily.

Suddenly a few lights turned on and a banner hung from the windows with the words HAPPY 7th ANNIVERSARY in big red letters. A huge pie was set underneath the lights in a large silver dish with a creamy topping and a cherry.

The Joker blinked "Hmm...Pie well she must be hiding somewhere and made this for me" he thought to himself and was about to approach when he was stopped.

"Welcome home Puddin" a voice said from within the pie to which it moved and then Harley's butt appeared from the pie followed by her entire body. Only her face could be seen that was NOT covered in pudding.

"Harley..." The Joker said rather touched by this gesture but he didn't let on. He was impressed by her effort though.

She leaned down and scooped some of the pie topping on her finger "Wanna try some of my pie?" she cooed her eyes twinkling.

"Harley..." The Joker said smiling approaching her slowly.

"I'm sure you'll want seconds" she said smiling flashing her white teeth.

The Joker stood in front of Harley and leaned towards her smiling with his wide grin "Harley did you do this for ME?" he said smiling at her fondly.

"Mm hmm I got some baking lessons from red she helped me sort this all out" she said blushing under the make-up so her cheeks were rosy.

"I see well I must say you look delicious" he said and sucked her finger to which she giggled as his tongue rolled over her fingers. He stopped and smiled "Vanilla...my favourite how did you know?" he said touched.

Harley smiled "I did my research after all I gal has to know about her man to please him" she said and kissed him to which he returned it.

After she pulled away he smirked "I think I'd like to taste you more Pooh...Upstairs" he chuckled his eyes shining wickedly.


The Joker was licking Harley while on the floor of the bedroom "You taste so sweet Harls" he said licking her chest.

"Oh...more Puddin...more...please" she moaned lustfully clutching his head as he licked her body cleaning her of the sweet cream.

"My my aren't we a horny little minx" The Joker chuckled deviously.

After at least an hour her body was no longer covered so much in cream but there were still stains upon her.

"Harley baby you REALLY outdid yourself tonight" he chuckled as red lace lingerie began to appear from under the cream.

"Yeah I had em for ages but was unable to wear em coz I wanted to save em for tonight" she said shyly.

"Harls that's so sweet" he said and then the pair burst out laughing at the pun. They then began kissing heavily to which The Joker wrapped one around Harley's head and pulled her headdress off and threw it to the floor with the other he began to grope Harley's butt.

Later that night

Harley's panties were on the floor and her bra was hanging from the ceiling fan. Her headdress had landed on the chair and was lying on its side.

The Joker's suit was on Harley's mirror and dresser while his shoes were scattered on the floor.

"That was nice Puddin" Harley sighed lovingly. Her face was clean of make-up and her hair was loose and had fallen to her shoulders in golden waves. She was covered up to her chest by the purple sheet and was lying upon The Joker's chest listening to his heart.

"It sure was Pooh that was the best anniversary gift you've ever given me" he chuckled. He was on his back with his arm around Harley's back. His other hand was rested behind his head in a V shape.

"Y'know what J" she said in her Harleen voice. She only used this voice when she was SERIOUS.

"What's that pooh?" The Joker said stroking her golden waves.

"I love you" she said fondly batting her blue eyes lovingly.

The Joker looked touched "Harley..." he said gently.

Harley blushed her cheeks turning a rosy colour she DEEPLY cared for this man.

The Joker smiled "Me too Pooh...Stay exactly the way you are" he said fondly.

Harley smiled "I'll hold you to it" she said and leaned towards him and kissed him lovingly.