Chapter 6

Harley was in the kitchen making pork curry and rice for dinner. She was making this especially since he was a fan of spicy foods. It was a little burned but still edible and she had tasted it to make sure everything was fine.

She turned off the stove and heated up some rice in the microwave then went downstairs to find The Joker. He had gone to the shooting range in the basement to work off his anger so she was nervous on how he would act.


The Joker was shooting at a paper picture of Batman and a stuffed dummy made to look like him. He had removed his waist jacket and lay in down in front of him as wearing it made it annoying when he used 2 hands.

"Um Puddin?" Harley said nervously as she peeked her head around the door.

"Hmm?" The Joker said not paying attention.

"Dinner is ready" Harley said meekly not wanting to piss him off.

"I'll be up soon" The Joker said refilling his gun with ammunition.

Harley pouted she had SO wanted to be alone with him for dinner but lately he was concentrating MORE on killing Batman than spending time with her. She stood there with her head bowed for a few seconds feeling unwanted.

The Joker looked over his shoulder and saw her still standing by the door

"You need something Harls?" The Joker said raising an eyebrow. Usually she would leave by now until he came upstairs.

"Puddin can I...Can I join in?" she said shyly her cheeks tinted red by a gentle blush. They hardly ever spent time together unless it was a special occasion or The Joker was in the mood.

The Joker stared at her blinking usually the only thing she was interested in was fooling around or annoying him while he was working "Sure..." he said raising an eyebrow with surprise.

Harley shyly walked over feeling a little bit better that he wasn't telling her to get lost or beat it like he usually did. She was wearing a plain white blouse and mini trousers that ended at her knees. Instead of the usual bunches she had a single braid and simple grey eye shadow and red cherry lip-gloss there was also a little bit of blush on her cheeks too.

Harley stood beside him and picked up a gun admiring its well made design. She never admitted it but seeing him use those weapons aroused her greatly. It made him look dangerous and badass things she liked in a man.

"You ready?" he said folding his arms and watching her intently as she handled the gun.

Harley spread her legs out wide and then lifted the gun so it was pointed in front of her at the target "Yep" she said with a look of concentration.

The Joker smirked Harley did look sexy with a gun and it made The Joker remember why he liked her so much. I mean sure she was an annoying cry-baby and a whiney brat at times but at times she could be dangerous, unexpected and smart too.

"Almost right pooh but you need to adjust your position" he said grinning widely.

"What do you mean?" she said curiously to which her heart almost leapt out of her throat when he stood behind her his body pressed closely to hers.

"First lean into the gun" he said taking hold of her shoulder and leaning them forward a little causing her shirt to strain under the weight of her busts.

"Y...yes sir" Harley stammered nervously enjoying his touch.

"Straighten your back" The Joker said placing one hand on her stomach and the other against her spine pushing her back a little.

Harley moaned pleasantly as he caressed her back she LOVED his touch so much especially when he teased her like this.

"Now remove the trigger" he said nibbling her ear.

Harley obeyed her whole body screaming with desire for him. It was amazing how excited she got just by being close to him she could feel herself getting hot and her crotch was getting slimy.

"Raise the gun to your line of sight" The Joker cooed helping her raise the gun towards the line of her eyesight.

"Now you fix the gun to your target you getting all this Pumpkin?" he said blowing in her ear to tease her.

"Mm hmm" Harley moaned nervously.

"Breath in" The Joker said raising his hand towards her chest.

Harley breathed in slowly preparing herself for the shot.

"And release the trigger" The Joker said deviously.

Harley released the trigger to which the bullet hit the target's head.

"Oh my god...I HIT it" Harley said in amazement.

"And how did that FEEL Pooh?" The Joker said in a sensual voice.

Harley blushed heavily "Really...Really good Puddin" she said her eyes shining.

"I'm glad to hear it now I think I'm about ready for that curry of yours" The Joker said taking hold of his waist jacket.

Harley stopped him pressing herself against her chest "Wait...we don't HAVE to go I can just heat it up" Harley said pleadingly.

"I'm hungry Harls" The Joker said firmly.

"Well can I at least have a KISS?" Harley said her eyes huge.

The Joker chuckled "How can I say NO to that face" he chuckled and pulled her closely by the waist and kissed her deeply.

"Best day EVER" Harley thought to herself as she smooched The Joker running her hands through his hair.