Chapter 7 lovers talk

Harley sat on the bed sighing heavily. The Joker was busy working on another scheme to destroy Batman (again). She knew it was important to him but felt like she was being put second to his plans. She was wearing her Harlequin jester costume but had removed her hat, mask and make-up. Her hair was lose instead of being in the usual bunches due to them hurting her head.

She picked up Psycho her plushie clown toy and hugged him tightly. He stayed with her all the time and never abandoned her. The odd thing was he was like a mini Joker so she would always have a small part of him with her. After about 15 minutes she got up and made her way downstairs "I will go on a date with my Puddin even if I have to fight for it" she said firmly.

In office

The Joker was yet again plotting another scheme to which Gotham would fall into chaos and Batman would perish. He had been working for 3 days straight using Whiskey, Coffee and doughnuts to keep him going.

Suddenly there was a gentle knock on the door to which Harley appeared "M...Mistah-J" she said nervously but in a brave tone.

The Joker looked up and was surprised by her appearance but said nothing. She looked prettier than usual without her clown make-up. He sighed crossly "What is it Harls?" he said firmly.

Harley swallowed "Well the thing is...I was kinda hoping we...we could um...well..." she stammered nervously.

"Spit it out Harley I aint a mind reader" he said crossly. Though he had to admit it she was cute when she was frightened.

"Go on a date?" she said nervously closing her eyes and awaited a loud scolding on why she was an idiot and how he was busy.

The Joker did think about being angry but then he thought about and agreed to himself that he had been working way too hard. His relationship with Harley was still strong but they hardly did anything together and a day out might be nice and relaxing. The Joker smiled "Ok Harls".

Harley perked up smiling happily "You mean it Puddin" she said happily.

"Sure but where do you wanna go?" he sighed heavily expecting a restaurant meal or to go shopping.

"Um I kinda wanna go to the beach" she said quietly.

The Joker was surprised but pleased he hadn't been to the beach since he was a kid and it was enjoyable as long as there were no screeching kids or annoying teenagers "Sounds ok" he said casually.

"Thanks Puddin you won't regret it I PROMISE!" she said squealing happily and headed upstairs but then stopped at the door "Oh and Puddin no suit you gotta dress nice but you can still bring your gadgets" she said firmly.

"Harley this is the only suit I OWN let alone wear" He said crossly.

Harley tossed a box at him "I bought it just in case" she said smirking.

The Joker was impressed at her quick thinking and smirked "Clever".

Harley giggled "Your welcome" and ran upstairs.

The Joker waited till she was gone and opened the box. His eyes widened in shock "She bought this for ME?!" he said feeling touched. She had bought a black shirt, A white jacket the same length as his normal waist jacket and White trousers. Her fashion taste for men wasn't as bad as he expected "Nice ones Harls" he muttered.


Harley had removed her Harlequin suit and her mask and hat were sat on a chair. She was looking through her wardrobe for a nice outfit to wear. She had decided to keep her hair down on this occasion but at least style it.

She eventually chose a Blue dungaree crop top with buttons to fasten the straps and buttons down the front. She also chose a pair of pale pink mini shorts and a white jacket that ended at her lower thighs. On her feet she put on some black Mary-Jane shoes with a small heel. She then sorted out the hair simply by styling it into a regular ponytail as it matched the look perfectly.

She turned in front of the mirror "perfect" she said happily and then applied some red lipstick, a little blush and some grey eye shadow and made her way downstairs. She couldn't help but smile "Mistah-J is gonna love it" she said happily as he often told her how he liked her legs.

Meanwhile downstairs

The Joker had asked Curl and Rocco to babysit Bud and Lou as he wanted Harley all to himself without the Hyena's stealing her attention. He had brought some weapons in case they decided to get a little wild on their date.

"I'm ready Puddin" Harley called sweetly.

The Joker turned and was gobsmacked by her outfit. His eyes roamed her body and the outfit that she wore complimented her figure very well. He was only grateful that he would have her all to himself.

"You like it?" she said smiling at him and batting her eyelashes.

"Harley you look wonderful" the Joker said walking up to her and holding her close. She had applied some perfume that smelled like peaches and it was enticing.

"Shall we be off?" she cooed into his ear.

"Of course Pooh" The Joker said picking her up bridal style and carrying her to the car.

"Be good babies" Harley called to Bud and Lou who whimpered a little.


Harley and Joker were speeding along in the car towards the beach. The wind was blowing over their heads and through their hair.

Harley was gazing at the landscape and often at The Joker he looked so cool and sexy in his new outfit that it made her want to attack him right now.

The Joker changed gear and saw Harley smiling at him "Something wrong?" he asked suspiciously.

Harley shook her head "Sorry Puddin it's just you look so handsome in your new clothes" she said blushing a little.

The Joker smirked "I should hope so" he said deviously eyeing Harley up and down.

"I noticed you brought guns Puddin" she said smiling.

"Just in case we decide to get crazy" The Joker said smirking.

"Oh Puddin your so romantic" Harley sighed lovingly.

The Joker smiled at her admiring her pretty features. She wore the make-up so often he had forgotten what a beautiful and mature woman she was underneath. It made him realize why he had chosen her to begin with.

"I wonder how the babies are doing" Harley thought to herself.

At Funnibone factory

Curl and Rocco were eating Chinese take-put while the Hyena's were ravaging at their bones and steaks with great delight.

Suddenly Poison Ivy burst in through the front door "Is Harley here?" she asked looking hopeful.

"Sorry Miss Ivy she went out with the boss on a date" Rocco said apologetically.

Ivy frowned "Ok well tell her to call me later" she said crossly. She had wanted to invite Harley on another heist but that plan had gone up in smoke.

"That dame REALLY likes Miss Quinn" Curl said amazed.

"Yeah for some time she and Miss Quinn were partners in crime" Rocco said.

Ivy climbed into her car crossly "I can't believe she forgot our girls night AGAIN" she grumble crossly. It was all Joker's fault he most likely had persuaded her again and she had melted like butter to his demands.

At beach

Harley climbed out of the car and gazed at the beautiful landscape of the seaside. The golden sands the blue ocean and above all the boardwalk that couples would walk down.

"It's so wonderful thanks for doing this Mistah-J" she said happily.

"Anything for my Harley-girl" The Joker said locking the car but he smiled at her as he did so.

Harley was so happy to be able to spend a day alone with The Joker without any problems what so ever. She could have him all to herself and nobody not even batman could get in the way.

"So what does my little Harley want to do first" the Joker said taking her hand.

"I'd like to take a walk along the beachfront with some ice-cream" she said happily.

"Very well Pooh" The Joker said. He wasn't a fan of ice-cream but licking it off Harley would be fun.

"Thanks Puddin you're the best" she cooed and kissed his cheek.

They took a walk and eventually came across an ice cream vendor to which Harley ran up to it. The Joker sighed and followed knowing that NO wouldn't be an option in this situation but as long as she was happy and didn't whine.

"One Mint choc chip please" Harley said to the vendor with a big smile.

"That's 2 dollars please" the vendor said smiling. The Joker paid the guy and then walked off with Harley who was licking the ice cream happily.

As they walked along Harley put the ice-cream under The Jokers nose "Want a lick Puddin?" she asked kindly.

"No thanks Pooh I aint an ice-cream lover" he said gratefully and ruffled her hair.

"Ok" She said and kissed his cheek then continued eating her ice cream.

Despite hating any sort of outing normally; this was nice. Just Harley and him without the Hyena's whimpering or any Batman. He could relax and enjoy spending the day with his lover.

"We should do this more often Pooh it's much more tolerable" The Joker said taking her hand.

Harley smiled "Well I did kinda want some alone time with you" She said blushing.

"Harley" The Joker said touched. He kissed her lovingly cupping his hand around her head to which she wrapped her arms around his back.

They pulled away after a few minutes and gazed at one another lovingly. Most people would call them mad or Psycho's but they were a couple none the less. As they walked along 2 guys eyed up Harley and whistled at her their eyes filled with lust.

"Something I can help you with?!" The Joker snarled angrily glaring at them.

"Just that your honey would look better with me" The first guy said smirking.

The Joker pulled out is gun and shot him in the head and then blew out the smoke "I don't think so dipshit" he said crossly.

Harley sighed "You're so cool Mistah-J" she gushed hugging him tightly.

"You bet I am baby" he said kissing her cheek. NOBODY looked at his woman let alone tried to take her away. She was HIS and nobody else's.

The pair walked along hand in hand towards the boardwalk. This would be a date to remember for a LONG time.