Chapter 8 Valentine gift

Harley was sat in the bedroom reading a book and awaiting The Joker to return. She had sent Curl and Rocco out so she could have the evening alone with her beloved psychotic clown.

As if on cue she heard the car pull up in the garage and the door burst open "Harley Daddy's home" The Joker called loudly. Bud and Lou ran up to him and began licking him to which he pushed them down but petted them "Hello boys been good" he said smirking at them.

"I'll be down soon Puddin just go ahead and do your important work" Harley called from upstairs.

"Sure thing Pooh" The Joker called back. He was pleased that Harley was letting him do his work but at the same time disappointed that she hadn't given him a hug as per normal. He made his way to his office and closed the door but made sure Bud and Lou were tied up so he could have some peace and quiet.


Harley curled her hair into ringlets and applied a little hairspray to keep it in place. She then applied some eye shadow, mascara, blusher and red lipstick.

She pulled out a white toga dress from her wardrobe that she had bought especially for the occasion. It reached her upper thigh and was white with a V front and no sleeves; There was a peachy pink sash around her waist that reached her knees. On her feet were sandals and she applied a pair of wings to her costume to complete the look.

She also had a small sack to which contained some goodies of which were a can of whipped cream, a box of chocolate covered strawberries, and a bunch of purple roses. She had bought these especially so she and The Joker could have some fun together since it was a special holiday for lovers in particular.

She peered at herself quickly in the mirror and smiled "Go get him girl" she giggled to herself and skipped downstairs.

In office

The Joker was busy working over another scheme in which Batman would perish under the great wave of doom he would send his way along with his array of demonic goodies.

Suddenly there was a gentle knock at his door "What?!" he said irritably.

"Puddin it's me" Harley said timidly.

The Joker stopped what he was doing perhaps she had decided to finally give him his welcome home hug. Well he might as well get it over with he had picked something up for her on the way home.

"Come in" he said in a more friendly but stern tone.

Harley opened the door and walked in wearing her cherub attire batting her eyelashes fondly at him "Happy Valentine's day Puddin" she said sweetly.

The Joker was both happy and touched "Harley.." he said smiling.

She walked over to him and sat in front of him at his desk "I brought some presents for my beloved Mistah-J" she said her smile growing bigger.

The Joker pinched her cheek gently "Harley you did all this for me" he said smiling.

Harley nodded "Yeah..." she said gently but then looked worried "Sorry if I bothered you" she said apologetically.

The Joker smiled "Not at all better late than never" he said tickling her chin. He then noticed her small sack and raised his eyebrow "What you got there sweets?" he asked curiously.

"Just some presents to show my affection" she said blushing a little. She pulled out the purple roses first and placed them in a vase.

"Harley you got me roses? And their purple" He said feeling touched at the effort she had gone to.

"Yeah red genetically engineered some new ones so I took some" she said smiling at him lovingly.

For once The Joker was pleased that Ivy was a plant infatuated loon because she had created something that signified him in the smallest way; It almost made him want to laugh.

Harley then smirked "I also know how kinky you can get Puddin so I bought something delicious" she giggled. She took out the box of chocolate strawberries and the can of whipped cream to which a large grin appeared on his face.

"My, My Harley you've gone all out" The Joker said impressed by the effort she had put in.

"I wanted it to be special" she said crossing her legs seductively.

"Well then sweets shall we have some fun?" The Joker said deviously.

Harley squealed happily and leapt into his arms and kissed him lovingly. She ADORED him so much she just wished that every day could be as special.

a couple of minutes later

Harley grabbed the can of whipped cream and began covering The Joker penis with it "It looks so tasty" she giggled.

"Why don't you have a taste?" The Joker said smirking. The thought of Harley caressing his member was driving him insane.

Harley began licking the tip seductively then took it in her hand and began sucking the thing whole. It tasted so creamy and delicious and was her favourite thing in the whole world.

"Jesus Harley...Damn you have such a good mouth...FUCK!" The Joker moaned lustfully as she caressed his penis with her soft mouth and tongue.

"Mmm...ick...tafes...oh...ood" Harley moaned as she sucked him off.

The Joker grabbed her head and began thrusting his erect cock in and out of her mouth loving the warmth of her mouth.

Eventually a familiar feeling began to spread throughout his body "Harley...I...I'm...I'm gonna cum!" He cried loudly.

Harley swallowed every drop of his semen and licked her lips afterwards "So thick and tasty" she said her blue eyes shining.

"You really have talent Harls" The Joker said impressed.

"Thanks Puddin" She said smiling at him seductively.

The Joker patted his lap "C'mere Harls" he said grinning at her.

Harley got to her feet and sat on his lap wrapping her arms around his neck "Yes Mistah-J?" She asked stroking his cheek.

The Joker picked up a strawberry and placed it in her mouth to which she chewed lovingly and even sucked on his fingers. The Joker smirked "Aren't we eager" he chuckled.

"I can't help it Puddin your so delicious" she said licking her lips.

"Greedy little minx" he chuckled and began caressing her breasts.

Harley moaned a little her body feeling pleasant and her nipples becoming hard. She loved his touch and how good he made her feel.

"So soft and sensitive you have great tits Harls" The Joker teased and flicked her nipple making her shudder.

Harley moaned loudly "T...Thanks Mistah-J" she panted.

The Joker pulled off her panties swiftly sliding them down her leg then began rubbing her clit. He smirked as she began to moan louder her breathing getting quicker.

"That...That feels good Puddin" Harley sighed.

"You want my cock Harley?" He teased nibbling her ear.

"Y...Yes" She moaned lustfully.

The Joker raised an eyebrow "Yes what?" he said firmly.

"Yes sir" she said tightening her grip around his neck a little.

"Good girl" he said praising her for her obedience. He loved it when she was so cute and obeyed it made things easier and more arousing.

a couple of minutes later

Harley was laid on her back upon The Joker's desk her face bright red. She couldn't help but feel slightly ashamed of what she was about to do but it felt SO good.

"C'mon Pooh open them up" the Joker ordered.

Harley opened her legs wide so her pussy was more viewable and the juices began to flow "I...Is that better Mistah-J?" she said shyly.

The Joker spread her pussy wide "Lots better Harley" he said smirking. "You take VERY good care of yourself Harley I'm impressed" he teased.

"W...Well I do it for you Puddin" She sighed as he stuck a finger into her pussy.

"So wet you really are a horny slut" he teased and licked his fingers enjoying the taste.

"I am...It's just coz you're so SEXY" she sighed gazing at him.

"Harley..." The Joker said touched and rather pleased. He rubbed his erect penis against her wet pussy and eventually rammed it inside her moaning a little as he did.

"Oh Mistah-J!" Harley cried loudly as he entered her.

"Damn Harley you're so tight!" He moaned loudly.

"Please give it to me Mistah-J I WANT it!" Harley moaned waving her hips up and down.

"Very well Pooh" The Joker teased and began thrusting in and out with ease slowly at first then growing in speed.

Harley moaned and gasped with delight as her beloved Joker pounded her pussy with everything he had. She loved it when he fucked her hard and fast it felt so much better than normal sex.

The Joker eventually picked her up and sat her in his lap and held her waist "Now you move on your own" he said firmly.

"Yes sir" She said obediently and began moving her waist up and down enjoying the feel of him inside her.

The Joker thrust his hips as she moved but made sure she was the one pleasing him and not the other way around. Even in their intimate moments HE was in charge.

"P...Puddin...I...I think I'm Cumming!" Harley moaned moving faster.

"Me too Harley I'm gonna cum inside" he grunted as she played with his balls affectionately.

The pair came together loud yells and screams filling the room as they climaxed.


Harley was sat on The Joker's lap leaning against his chest panting trying to catch her breath.

The Joker lit a cigarette and began stroking Harley's hair "That feel good sweets?" he said affectionately.

"Mmm hmm" she said fondly enjoying his touch.

"Oh yes that reminds me I got you a present" The Joker said taking a medium sized box out of his desk.

It was red with a black bow and had a tag on it that read "To my little Harlequin doll" to which Harley smiled.

"Just so you know who you belong to" The Joker said winking.

Harley opened it to find a black leather choker with silver spikes and a red diamond hanging from it. Tears welled up in her eyes "Puddin" she said touched.

The Joker placed it around her neck "Perfect" he said smiling.

"I love you Puddin" she said wiping her eyes.

"As do I my little Harlequin" The Joker said fondly.