Chapter 9 Sun, Sea and Clowns

"Thanks for doing this Puddin" Harley sighed happily.

"No problem Harls it was about time we got out of Gotham for a while anyway" The Joker said smirking.

The Joker and Harley were at the beach in the next town to Gotham. They had been thinking about this for a while but after Batman was hot on their tails The Joker had decided it was a good plan.

The Joker was wearing a pair of black Speedo's and a pair of black sunshades. He was on a deckchair with Bud and Lou beside him relaxing in the sun.

Harley was more of her natural self with her blonde locks out and NO clown make-up. She was wearing a Bikini which was 1/2 black, 1/2 red for the top and a pair of black bottoms. On top she was wearing a white thigh length beach robe which was open.

2 guys were ogling at Harley from a distance but didn't dare get closer due to the Hyena's sitting next to The Joker. It was hard not to when she was such an attractive woman with a great figure.

The Joker eventually caught them staring and frowned "Something I can help you losers with?" he said darkly. The two guys shook their heads nervously to which The Joker smirked "Good...Then PISS OFF!" he snapped angrily.

The 2 men fled before he could set the Hyena's on them. The Joker smirked that would teach them to check out his woman; Harley belonged to HIM and nobody else.

Harley turned on her side to face The Joker "Want some Iced coffee Puddin?" She said smiling.

"Sure Pooh" The Joker said smiling at her.

Harley handed him a can of iced coffee from the basket then got herself some juice sipping it happily. She loved having alone time with him more than anything else in the world.

"C'mere babies" Harley cooed pouring some water for Bud and Lou. The two Hyena's got up and lapped from their bowl to which she stroked their heads "Good boys".

A few people looked somewhat shocked and scared by Harley's loving attitude towards the Hyena's but she was used to it. They just weren't aware of how sweet they could be once tamed and raised properly.


Harley and Joker were walking along the surf with Bud and Lou.

Harley was clinging to The Joker's arm happily "It's so romantic Mistah-J I wish we could do this all the time" she said lovingly.

The Joker smiled "Me too Pooh but you know Batsy is my main priority" he said pinching her nose playfully.

"Babies go play" Harley said removing their leads "And play nice!" She called as they ran off into the sand.

"Any reason you let em go Pooh?" The Joker said curiously raising an eyebrow.

"I wanted you to myself" Harley said wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her chest against his.

The Joker grinned and wrapped his arms around her waist "Harley..." he said lovingly.

Harley gazed into his dark eyes batting her own blue ones lovingly. She loved this clown and nobody could tell her otherwise.

The Joker pull her closer to him admiring her big blue eyes, cherub face, rosy cheeks and golden blonde locks. He was a lucky guy and any guy would have a right to be jealous; he had it GOOD.

Harley leaned towards him and kissed him lovingly. She loved having these romantic moments with him as they made her life feel more special.

The Joker raised one arm and cupped the back of her head gently. He entered his tongue into her mouth which she accepted with ease.

After a few minutes they pulled away from one another and gazed into each other's eyes smiling.

"I love ya Puddin" Harley said smiling flashing her white teeth.

"I love you Harley" The Joker said tickling her chin making her laugh.

"Shall we return to the hotel for some rough sex?" The Joker said smirking deviously.

"Oh Mistah-J your so romantic!" Harley sighed happily.