Chapter 10: Batman the peeping tom

"Mistah-J that feels nice" Harley sighed pleasantly.

"You really love my cock don't you Harls" Joker teased as he groped her chest

"I do Puddin ever so much! It's so hard and strong and throbbing" Harley sighed pleasantly.

Suddenly there was a crash from the ceiling to which glass shattered onto the floor followed by Robin and Batman.

"Joker you're under are...OH MY GOD!" Batman said crossly but then became more embarrassed and disgusted by the sigh in front of him.

Robin turned red and covered his eyes to hide the image before him before he got any weird ideas.

Joker was on his back with his pants pulled down. His expression was a cross between aroused, shocked and humoured. He currently had his hands on Harley's breasts but was looking straight at Batman.

Harley had her jester hat and make-up on but was wearing a red lingerie nightgown that reached her upper thigh. She was currently straddling The Joker with an aroused expression that was now becoming more embarrassed and pissed off.

"Well hello bats come to join the party?" Joker teased with a large grin.

Harley sighed heavily knowing this was going to lead to a conversation between the two. She removed herself from Joker's groin and got up and headed towards the bedroom mumbling angry words.

Joker seemed rather annoyed that Harley had left. He got up and zipped up his pants "Well Bats you better have a good reason for bursting in! I would about ready to cum inside Harley" He said crossly.

Batman coughed discretely to distract himself "There have been several attacks on labs recently and at each crime scene you left breadcrumbs that indicated your signature mark" he said not looking him in the eye.

"I see well I'd love to say it WAS me but unfortunately I've been too busy plotting my next scheme to try any of that" Joker said deviously folding his arms.

"I think you may have got Mistah-J mixed up with someone else" Harley said appearing in the room wearing a red silk dressing gown.

"How so?" Batman said firmly.

"Let me see the schematics from the crime scene" Harley said holding out her hand.

Batman sighed crossly but obeyed. Quinn may have been insane but she was no moron that was for sure.

Harley rubbed her chin thoughtfully as her eyes scanned over the evidence. Eventually she looked up and said "You got the wrong guy" she said firmly.

"What?" Batman and Robin said simultaneously in a shocked voice.

"Told ya" Joker mocked with a devious grin.

Harley nodded "Yeah these ingredients used in the gas aint what Mistah-J uses I know coz I've seen him work" she explained.

For once Joker was glad Harley was an ex-doctor. Her brain still held information from when she worked at Arkham.

"So who could have done it?" Batman asked suspiciously.

"I'd suggest Johnny or Red" Harley suggested smiling sweetly.

Batman sighed crossly "You mean Scarecrow or Poison Ivy".

"Who else would I be referring to? Geez Batman you aint half thick" Harley chuckled.

Batman said nothing but turned to leave to which Robin followed nervously.

"Come back soon" Joker teased waving goodbye.

"Well that was fun" Harley huffed crossly. She knew Joker would go off and work in his office now so she had better put some clothes on. She turned away and headed for the stairs she couldn't help but feel disappointed as she had been enjoying herself before Batman burst in.

"Where are you going?" Joker said sternly displeased by her sudden exit.

"Well I thought since Batsy just burst in you'd not be in the mood no more" Harley said innocently.

The Joker tried not to look insulted but it was true that he was the usual dominator in their sexual relationship. He sighed crossly "Harls just coz Batman burst in doesn't mean I don't wanna fuck you anymore".

"Sorry Mistah-J but you are hard to read sometimes" Harley said apologetically.

The Joker couldn't argue there. But he liked being unpredictable it was part of his character that made him who he was. He held out his arms wide and smiled "C'mere pooh" he said lovingly.

Harley hesitated for a moment then walked towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck. She felt his arms snake around her waist and tickling her ever so slightly.

"Daddy really wants to play with his Harley girl; don't you wanna play with daddy?" he said pouting a little to tease her.

"Of course I do but..." Harley cried but was silenced by his lips slamming against hers. She didn't fight she returned his kiss and ran her fingers through his green locks.

Joker eventually pulled away leaving her breathless much to his joy. He gazed at her cherub face adoringly enjoying her expression.

Harley was panting heavily trying to catch her breath. Her cheeks were flushed a little from lack of oxygen, Her eyes were glazed over and her expression was both aroused and desirous.

Joker picked her up bridal style holding her close to him "If you liked that then you'll love the surprise daddy has for you" he teased playfully.

"Y...Yes sir" Harley said quietly her cheeks still burning. She was clinging to his waist jacket tightly as if he was going to disappear in a puff of smoke.

Joker peered down at her quietly his expression thoughtful she may act like a whiny bitch quite a few times but underneath was a smart, sexy and beautiful girl whom he loved dearly.

Harley saw him peering at her and became curious "Something wrong Puddin?" she asked innocently.

Joker chuckled "Nothing at all Pooh just thinking" he said kissing her cheek. He would never tell her what he thought about her REALLY as that was his little secret.