Chapter 11: Pillow talk

The Joker was laid on his back with a large smile on his face. His upper torso was uncovered flashing his pale toned chest. His left arm was wrapped around Harley while his other arm was leaned behind his head in a V shape.

Harley was leaned against The Joker's chest laying there quietly enjoying the moment. Her lovely blonde hair tumbled over her shoulders like golden rain. The sheet covered her lower torso while her chest was uncovered but she didn't care.

Bud and Lou were in the corner sleeping peacefully. They had gotten used to their masters having sex while they were in the room and had learned to sleep through it.

"I liked that Puddin it was much wilder than usual" Harley giggled ticking his chest with her slender fingers.

"Same here Harls I never expected you to enjoy candles so much" Joker chuckled as he remembered dripping wax on her.

Harley giggled "What can I say I have some kinky tastes".

"You bad girl" Joker teased tickling her chin.

Harley kissed his cheek lovingly she loved these moments the best. When he wasn't working on a scheme The Joker put more effort into being romantic after sex. She got up slowly allowing the sheet to fall and flash her slender figure.

Joker raised his eyebrow crossly "Where are you running off to?" he said suspiciously.

"I was gonna make some coffee" Harley said quietly.

The Joker sat up and pulled her close to him taking her by surprise "You can do that later I wanna enjoy your body some more" he teased nibbling her ear.

Harley shivered with pleasure "B...But Puddin don't you wanna relax I mean I know this takes a lot outta ya" She said nervously.

The Joker pouted crossly "I get bored without you and besides your good conversation...sometimes" he muttered.

Harley blinked and stared at him in shock. She then smiled "You'd miss me would you" She chuckled.

"I didn't say that" Joker snapped firmly.

Harley leapt at him taking him by surprise so she landed on top of him and sending the sheets flying by mistake.

Joker lay on his back taken aback as Harley lay across him while lying atop him. She had her arms around his neck and was smiling lovingly while hugging him.

Joker would usually complain that she was being too clingy but he was enjoying the feeling if her soft skin and voluptuous breasts on his own body. He slowly wrapped his arms around her back wanting to be closer to her.

Harley nuzzled her cheek against his own lovingly "I love you Puddin" she sighed happily.

Joker went quiet and he peered at her with his black eyes. She was a sweet girl with a heart bigger than most. Most women called him a freak and a monster but Harley accepted his darkness and loved him more than anyone else.

Slowly he cupped the back of her head with his hand and wrapped his other arm around her back. He buried his nose in her blonde locks enjoying the scent of her hair. Why was it she always smelled so sweet even when she was all sweaty.

Suddenly Bud and Lou woke up and padded towards the bed. They whimpered at them and rested their heads on the side of the bed.

"Sorry boys your mummy is having fun with daddy right now" Joker said firmly but in a playful tone. He shooed them away to which they padded away out of the bedroom and downstairs.

"Mistah-J" Harley said gently gazing into his eyes.

"Yes pooh?" Joker said stroking her hair.

Harley slammed her lips onto his and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

The Joker was taken by surprise at first but eventually returned her kiss and rolled onto his side so they were facing one another.

Harley eventually pulled away smiling deviously "Gotcha".

The Joker smirked "You little minx" he chuckled.

"You love it" Harley teased.

"You know it baby-girl" Joker chuckled running his fingers across her stomach.

"Stop...geez...ah..no stop it...*giggle* I'm ticklish" Harley squealed.

"Make me" Joker said smirking and began tickling her furiously.

Harley squealed as he tickled her stomach and even blew a raspberry on her stomach. He was such tease but she loved that about him. Joyful tears spilled down her cheeks as he teased her.

"That's it sweets squirm for daddy" Joker teased playfully.

"Geez quit it already" Harley giggled.

The Joker eventually stopped but gazed at her fondly as she laughed and caught her breath. He smiled lovingly at her "I love you...Harleen" he said cupping her soft cheeks.

Harley gazed up at him with her blue eyes and wrapped her arms around his chest "Me too...Jay" she said smiling at him lovingly.

The pair kissed passionately but lay there enjoying the moment. They loved each other and no matter who came between them they would always be together.