After 15 min

"Um...Puddin" Harley said nervously from behind the door.

"Hmm?" the Joker said his chair turned away.

"I...I'm all done" she said shyly.

The Joker turned around to reveal a white doctors coat but with his suit underneath. He eyed Harley up and down to which a large grin spread across his face "My, My Harley you look delicious" he chuckled.

Harley was wearing a short thigh length nurse's dress with short sleeves and a pair of white high heels. She had removed her clown make-up and changed it to some black mascara and red lipstick with a hint of blusher. Her hair was tied into a tight bun like she used to before she joined the Joker and atop her head was a white nurses cap.

"Y...You like it Puddin" she said shyly.

"Absolutely you look a million bucks kiddo" he said satisfied with his purchase from the sex store that day. He had also purchased some rather nice looking toys too but they were hidden in his drawer.

Harley's face turned a gentle red colour in her cheeks she didn't mind getting dressed up but it was the way The Joker was ogling her it made her feel as though she were naked "P...Please Puddin don't stare at me so" she said shyly.

The Joker frowned "Is that an ORDER or a request Harls?" he said sharply.

"N...No it's just I feel so naked when you do" she said worriedly in case he was mad.

The Joker stared at her and tapped his finger on his desk impatiently awaiting an apology for her backtalk.

Harley bowed her head "Sorry Mistah-J I won't talk back again" she said apologetically.

The Joker smiled "Good girl always remember your place" he said pleased and then gestured with his index finger to approach.

Harley took a deep breath and walked over to the Joker's desk shakily and stood beside his chair to which The Joker grabbed her waist and pulled her onto his lap taking her by surprise.

Harley grabbed The Joker's waist jacket tightly to prevent herself from slipping then pulled away shyly after realizing what she had done.

The Joker raised an eyebrow looking confused "Harley why did you pull away?" he asked.

"W...Well I thought I may have annoyed you by getting all clingy" she said nervously.

"Well I would usually but I don't mind right now" He confessed then held her close to his chest.

Harley blushed and enjoyed his warmth "Puddin" she said lovingly in a soft voice closing her eyes listening to his heartbeat. Suddenly her eyes snapped open as she realized he was starting to grope her boobs.

"My Harley your boobs are so soft and plump you REALLY take care of these babies" He teased squeezing and caressing them then would occasionally flick or squeeze her nipples.

Harley's face turned red and she began to moan softly her voice getting louder "P...Puddin...Oh...good...Mm...yeah" she moaned lustfully.

"You like that Harley girl?" he asked in a teasing manner moving his hands a little faster making her moan louder.

"Y...Yes Mistah-J...Oh...mmm yeah" she cried loudly.

The Joker opened his desk drawer with one hand and produced a scalpel to which Harley's eyes widened with fear "P...Puddin what's that for?" she said beginning to panic making her pussy tighter.

"I thought we could make this more exciting" he said in a superior tone and slowly cut the material of her dress to her diaphragm flashing her red lace bra "Ooo red like your suit" he chuckled nibbling her ear.

"I...It's my favourite one" Harley panted trying to stifle her moans.

The Joker unhooked the front allowing her breasts to be freed and bounce around more "Harley these are so amazing I can see why you were so popular in Arkham with the male doctors with these bad boys" he chuckled and grabbed them tightly.

Harley groaned loudly enjoying his touch on her soft skin it felt so much better than just through material. It didn't feel as good that way to her skin to skin contact felt better.

"If these are so fucking sensitive I wonder what down here is like" he said and stroked her pussy through her panties.

Harley jolted as he touched her panties she didn't want him to know she had gotten so wet but it was too late.

"What's this your all wet down here what a dirty minx you are Harley" he jeered as the young blonde shivered with pleasure.

"J please...please don't tease me so!" she begged her whole body burning as she began to feel better and better with his touch.

"You love it" he growled turning her head and slamming her lips onto his passionately. While she was distracted by the kiss he gently pulled out her bun so her long blonde hair fell to her shoulders then got rid of the nurse's cap.